VIDEO – Referee Focus: Riley Greenbury

Where would football be without the commitment, dedication and hard work of our match officials?

Auckland Football Federation recognises the contribution of its match officials and in the ongoing mission to recruit more referees and assistant referees, we’ve focused on bringing you a monthly interview with match officials from all levels of the game from elite to club-based referees.

REFEREE FOCUS – Riley Greenbury

We ask our subjects what motivated them to pick up a whistle, who their influences are, their highlights, challenges and objectives in a highly rewarding vocation that without we would have no football.

This month, Auckland Football Federation talks to Riley Greenbury who outlines just what it means to him to officiate a sport he loves dearly.

Next month, we’ve lined up Trevor Middleton who gives his view on his experiences in the sport, where he’s been and where they would like to go.

For more information about how to become a referee and the Laws of the Game click here.