Youth Football (16-19 years)

Youth Football 16-19 years

This stage is focussed on improving core skills and tactical application (with positional specificity) in a competitive environment. Physically, players should be introduced to more advanced training methods (e.g. resistance training, speed-endurance) and are able to handle the greater training load necessary to transition into the senior game.

The player’s technical and tactical ability will determine the pathway they will follow. Community players will continue to play at their desired level and the social aspect becomes increasingly important. Talented late maturers have the opportunity to catch up physically and mentally with others, this can result in some talented players moving up the pathway continuum.


  • Engage players in team environments that will benefit their personal development in the four corners.
  • Provide return routes between the pathways for optimal development
  • Design personalised football fitness conditioning around strength, aerobic and anaerobic power in a periodised manner
  • Support players for a well-balanced lifestyle between football and education demands faced at this age
  • Develop psycho-behavioural skills including concentration, responsibility, accountability, goal setting, self-confidence, self-motivation, will to win, mental toughness and a competitive mentality in practice and games
  • Introduce players to more advanced tactical concepts across the four moments of the game and match winning strategies
  • Increase flexibility in style of play and playing systems utilised based on individual player’s qualities and the oppositions characteristics
  • Closely align competition/match-day outcomes to training objectives
  • Increase player ownership and responsibility within the team i.e. Involve them in tactical planning, development of the team culture etc.