Moffat follows sons into football

As thousands of junior footballers lace up their boots on Saturday mornings, so do thousands of important volunteers, none more so than Lynn Avon United’s Vicki Moffat.

Moffat was short listed in the Auckland Football region for NZF Regional Coach of the Year in 2016 for her services at Lynn Avon which started five years ago.

“It all started five years ago when my eldest son wanted to play football,” Moffat said.

“My husband coached his team and I managed the team. I think that’s when the Whole of Football programme came on board and I thought it was great.

“When his brother started two years later I took his team and thoroughly enjoyed it and helped out the following year with a couple of other teams and got them on board [with the programme].”

Moffat can’t speak highly enough about the Junior Framework which is aimed at providing a consistent, coordinated and national approach to developing our future stars.

“The programme is so self-explanatory it gives you the confidence to get out there and have a go.

“Also, the fact that the kids are getting lots of touches on the ball, that’s success and makes it fun for everybody.

The qualified Junior Level One coach puts a lot of emphasis on fun when it comes to delivering McDonald’s Junior Football to ensure the kids stay in the game for life.

“For me, sport is a life time commitment, you’re setting them up to play sport for life.

“It’s important the kids are happy and enjoying the game.

“Results are secondary to them wanting to come back every Saturday. Sure we are all going for the win but if they don’t come back next season, or next Saturday for that matter, my job is not done.”

What fun looks like varies for the different ages with Moffat highlighting a Star Wars session for the First Kicks age group that stands out.

“For the little league, we had a Star Wars session one Saturday and turned ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ into ‘What’s the time Darth Vader’ and they loved it.

“When I asked them the other day what do you want to play again they said that game.

“For the older boys it’s probably Terminator or Ghost Buster,’ Moffat added.

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