Free AFCN workshops on offer

A string of free Auckland Football Coaches Network (AFCN) events are on offer over the coming months for coaches in the Auckland region.

AFF Football Development Officer Nic Downes, who is responsible for running the AFCN – an initiative aimed at building the capacity of coaches throughout the region and providing them with as many high-quality development opportunities as possible – has organised a series of three informal workshops which kick off in July.

“New Zealand Football has a fantastic formal learning pathway for coaches, which allows us as a Federation to engage and upskill coaches across Auckland, which then in turn raises the experience for players,” Downes said.

“Through this engagement we have identified a few commonly asked about areas of coaching which we are looking to help coaches with in an informal setting.”

The first of the trio of workshops is to be held on Monday 3 July with coaching philosophy and team culture the topic.

“Coaching philosophy is an interesting topic,” Downes admitted.

“Many coaches are operating without a clear personal philosophy; but without knowing about yourself and where you are going, what is guiding your behaviour and decisions?

“Through the national curriculum, New Zealand Football have articulated a football philosophy and we are hoping to help coaches build a personal coaching philosophy around how they are going to approach coaching.”

The evening – which is set to take place at Ellerslie’s Michaels Avenue – will take an interactive approach to highlight the importance of these often overlooked aspects and allow coaches to walk away with ideas to create their own personal coaching philosophy and an effective team culture.

“Philosophy is first up as that is the starting point for coaching.  Depending on what type of coach you want to be then determines what kind of team culture is created.”

Following on from the three AFCN workshops, a series of New Zealand Football advanced workshops are being delivered throughout August across the junior, youth and senior pathways.

“These workshops will offer an opportunity for coaches to come in and preview the methodology being taught in the advanced coaching pathway,” Downes said

If you would like more information about Coach Education, please contact Auckland Football Federation Development Officer Nic Downes

AFCN: Coaching Philosophy and Team Culture

Content covered:

  • What is a Coaching Philosophy and why is it so important
  • Coaching approach, winning vs development, and defining success
  • How to develop your own personal philosophy
  • What is team culture and why it is needed
  • Components of an effective team culture
  • How to develop and who determines the culture for it to be meaningful

Date: Monday 3 July
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Ellerslie AFC, 46 Michaels Ave, Ellerslie
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Auckland Football Coaches Network:

July 3: Coaching Philosophy and Team Culture
July 24: Managing Players and Parents
July 31: Coaching female players

NZF Advanced Coaching Workshops:

August 7: Skill Acquisition (Coaches working with juniors aged 9-12)
August 14: The Teaching Process for Skill Acquisition
August 21: Game Training (Coaches working with youth and senior players)
August 28: The Teaching Process for Game Training

NZF Advanced Coaching Awards:

September 22-24 & 30- October 1: Junior Level 3
Ocotber 10-15: Senior Level 2 / Youth Level 3

For a full calendar of events, click HERE