VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS – AFF Futsal in Oceania

 New Zealand continued their winning streak at the OFC Youth Futsal Championship despite carrying several injuries.

Although their results weren’t as impressive as the day before, coach Ronan Naicker was pleased with the performances.

“We were struggling a little bit with injuries so we had to manage with that and I think the girls controlled both games really well so I’m happy,” he said.

“Now we’ve got to get through the recovery properly and prepare for tomorrow like we would for any other game.”

Tonga coach Soane Mailangi was overjoyed to secure a win against Samoa and hold New Zealand to single digits.

“I’m so excited about these games. The girls have improved so much from yesterday and you could see that in the way they defended against the best team in the competition. I’m so happy and proud of the girls,” he said.

HIGHLIGHTS – AFF Futsal v Samoa

Samoa coach Valerio Raccuglia was disappointed to concede to Tonga but is feeling confident after seeing the team lift in their second game against AFF Futsal.

“It was good to see an improvement in our second game after our very unpleasant first one. We got it sorted and it was good to finish with a win,” he said.

“I’m always positive, I know what the girls can do and I’m very proud of them at the moment.”

HIGHLIGHTS – AFF Futsal v New Zealand

Although AFF Futsal were unlucky to fall short of a win against Samoa in their second match, coach Maxine Cooper was impressed with performances from her side in both matches.

“I was especially pleased with this morning, we gave New Zealand a good run for their money and the girls defended really well against them. I think we just a bit tired this afternoon but I’m really happy with how we went today,” she said.


OFC Youth Futsal Women’s Tournament Results – Day 2
Samoa [SAM]: 3 (Madeleen AH KI 3′, Veteronnica TAFITO 4′, Alisa TUATAGALOA 31′)
Tonga [TGA]: 4 (Mele AKOLO 2′ 8′ 9′ 17′)
Half-time: 2-3

AFF Futsal [AFF]: 1 (Petra BUYCK 23′)
New Zealand [NZL] 3 (Lily FISHER 4′ 8′, Emily GILLION 29′)
Half-time: 0-2

New Zealand [NZL]: 6 (Macey FRASER 4′ 7′ 11′, Tilly JAMES 18′, Hannah REDDY 25′, Lily FISHER 30′)
Tonga [TGA]: 0
Half-time: 3-0

AFF Futsal [AFF]: 1 (Michaela BUCKLEY 4′)
Samoa [SAM] 4 (Hunter MALAKI 10′ 15′, Alisa TUATAGALOA 20′, Sina SATARAKA 24′)
Half-time: 1-2



AFF Futsal v Tonga

AFF Futsal v Samoa